Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Satisfying the Snack 'Witch-Hour'

Knowing what to feed your children during that crucial time of the day between the school pick up and dinner is often challenging. If you are a working parent like myself, your children aren't picked up from school until after 5pm - often closer to 6pm.  Knowing my kids will be hungry between lunch time and when I pick them up, I always pack an extra snack. Because this snack has to last the full day and not spoil as well as the wear and tear it may endure in the lunch pail throughout the day, my snack choices have to be durable, healthy, and not be on the 'ewww' list. So what am I left with? Popcorn, Goldfish, Cheeze-Its, and pretzels have made the top of this list.  My hope is the cracker type snacks will help fill them  up so that by the time I pick them up there is enough in their bellies to hold them until I have dinner on the table in the next 30-45 minutes. 

I also make sure to feed them fresh fruit in the morning with their breakfast, another fresh fruit serving in their lunch pail, and fresh veggies with dinner (I strive for 2 veggies with dinner). By making sure they are getting fresh fruit and veggies at other meals during the day, the guilt factor is reduced with the after-school snack.

To help reduce giving them an additional snack, I make sure to meal plan for the week so when we get home dinner can be on the table sooner rather than later. 

Kid's Health is a very resourceful website offering helpful tips to parents on raising healthy kids. The article, After-School Snacks, offers lots of helpful tips for both young children and teens.

What are your favorite after-school snacks to feed your children? Please share your comments. Thank you!

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