Lunch Box Solutions

One of the main inspirations for me to get involved with sharing healthy kid-friendly recipes was because I was constantly asking other parents, "What are you feeding your children?". And this question was asked with desperation because I felt as though my kids were the only ones who didn't want apple slices, raw carrots, and spaghetti!

As the kids got older, the question became, "What are you putting in their lunchbox?".  So I decided to use my own blog forum to start sharing my lunchbox choices. PLEASE!!!! Share yours as well! We can all gain so much inspiration and ideas from each other.

And please note, while I am definitely about being healthy and making sure I provide my children with a balanced meal - I am not perfect! As a career mom who works full time - sometimes I'm pulling it together as they are walking out the door. So share your 'go to when all else fails' ideas, and your 'when I forget to pack a lunch and need something quick' ideas. But most importantly - PLEASE SHARE! And provide your feedback :)

I figured out a few months back that I can cook certain items in the morning and put them in their lunchpail. As I mentioned above, I'm a working mom - so making my own chicken nuggets is not always an option so I've searched for pre-made items I can trust.

Mini Chicken Tacos (they also have beef), Trader Joe's
Apple Sauce Crusher, Trader Joe's
Strawberry Yogurt Squeezer (I put these in the freezer so they last longer), Trader Joe's 

Chicken Drumstick Shaped Nuggets, Trader Joe's
Tater Tots
Fresh diced pears
(I tried the pear fruit cups but he didn't like them so I started giving him fresh pears - which is so much healthier!)

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